Game Card Deck

This was a personal project I really enjoyed creating as an anniversary present. I designed and printed a deck of cards with each card representing a game we'd played together.

There were a total of 50 different cards in the deck, each rated by "fun," "bonding," and "competition" factors, and color-coded by platform. 

Blue = iOS

Green = Android

Purple = Console

Orange = Board


Eye Prescription App Concept

This was a quick concept for an eyecare app.

The application would allow you to complete a vision test on your mobile device, and subsequently book an appointment for optometrists in your area, as well as shop for eyewear.

Outdoor Retail App Concept

This was a fun UX exercise completed over a few hours. 
The objective was to create a storefront application for an outdoor gear retailer. 

I began this project with research on comparable apps in the same horizontal and verticals.